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4. November 2012 21:04

Good News People! I signed with Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

3. Juni 2012 18:31

Thanks you very much for all your emails! Now I will take my time to find the best three. Reading them is a great motivation for the UEFA EURO 2012!

8. Mai 2012 23:16

I’ve just arrived to Poland. The preparation for the EURO can begin. I’m really looking forward to it. Good night from Warszawa.


9. April 2012 19:56

Lukas and me are in the hotel room. Relaxing, watching TV and getting ready for tomorrow.


19. März 2012 07:53

Saturday came a sad news from England about Fabrice Muamba collapsing during a match. I played against him in the final of U21-European-Championiship 2009. My thoughts are with him and his family. Good luck Fabrice!

29. Februar 2012 12:54

Let’s go! Last training before the match tonight.

27. Februar 2012 21:27

Hello from Warsaw! I’m glad to be with the team of Poland again and I’m looking forward to the match on Wednesday. A nice night to all of you.

11. Januar 2012 17:35

I’m very very happy! Today I played 30 minutes against AZ Alkmaar. It felt great to be back on the pitch.


1. Januar 2012 20:57

Happy new year everyone. I’m looking forward to the year 2012!

27. Dezember 2011 20:45

Christmas is over. I spent it with my family and many presents, as you can see. ;-) How was your christmas?

24. Dezember 2011 16:37

Merry Christmas!

29. November 2011 21:47

Happy Birthday Sandro Wagner. Enjoy the night!

22. November 2011 22:31

Today I practiced partly with the team!! Great feeling!
19. November 2011 13:21

Today is an important game. I want to see Werder win!

16. November 2011 17:10

Hey guys! Tonight I will be at the Sportblitz of Radio Bremen. Tune in!

2. November 2011 08:53

Something worth reading ;-) @Kreiszeitung

24. Oktober 2011 11:27

Happy Birthday Christian!

14. Oktober 2011 18:42

What a match tonight! Let’s go Werder! Where are you guys watching it?

3. Oktober 2011 12:36

Feliz cumpleaños Claudio Pizarro!

27. September 2011 17:34

Happy Birthday Mr. Rosenberg!

25. September 2011 20:57

What a game? Beautiful!

18. September 2011 11:46

It was a difficult game yesterday in Nürnberg. But the way we played it was a demonstration of team spirit! Keep it up guys.

What do you think about the game?


10. September 2011 13:26

Naldo, great that you are in the squad again and Happy Birthday!

Go for three points in the “Nordderby”!


7. September 2011 08:28

Good morning. This picture was taken just before the great match last night. How did you like it?


6. September 2011 08:16

Tonight is the big match. Of course I want my team to win. What do you think? Who will win?

5. September 2011 13:18

I gave an interview to Have fun reading!


Today is Denni Avdic’s Birthday! All the best to you Denni!

4. September 2011 22:57

Happy Birthday to Aaron Hunt!!

21. August 2011 11:39

Happy Birthday Robert Lewandowski!


What a game yesterday! I bet it was fun to watch for you guys. I’m really happy that we won again!

10. August 2011 19:32

Tonight my teammates from Poland are facing Georgia in a friendly. What do you think will be the final score?

9. August 2011 18:57

Hey Mikaël Silvestre! Happy Birthday!

7. August 2011 22:28

Great game yesterday! I’m happy that we were able to start off with a victory.

20. Juli 2011 04:35

It was time for a new picture!

18. Juli 2011 09:00

Happy Birthday “Miele”!

30. Juni 2011 22:30

Yesterday I was at the season kick-off! It was good to see all the guys. And I saw the new jerseys. Very nice! What do you think about them? Did someone buy it already? Post a picture if you have!!

24. Juni 2011 09:01

Today in Portuguese: Feliz Aniversário, Wesley!!! @WesleyLopes87

22. Juni 2011 08:44

Today it is Mr. Smudas birthday! Happy birthday to our coach of Poland!

21. Juni 2011 21:53

A happy birthday to my Werder Bremen teammate Sebastian Prödl. Enjoy the rest of the day!

8. Juni 2011 08:16

Happy Birthday to my teammate from Poland Kamil Grosicki!

5. Juni 2011 20:42

Great victory in the friendly against Argentina! What do you guys think about the game?

3. Juni 2011 08:03

To day is the birthday of a german champion 2011 and polish team mate. Happy Birthday Łukasz Piszczek! Enjoy your day.

28. Mai 2011 13:28

GREAT NEWS!!! I’m happy to announce that I signed with Werder Bremen for another year.

23. Mai 2011 15:48

Today I paid the club a visit and I met up with the guys of Have fun reading! ;-)

20. Mai 2011 16:34

On the “Autobahn” towards Bremen to meet up with my team before the break. What are your plans for the weekend?


14. Mai 2011 12:00

Good luck to my teammates. Enjoy the last game of the season!

13. Mai 2011 10:00

Happy Birthday Said (Husejinovic)!!

8. Mai 2011 11:45



7. Mai 2011 11:42

Just had lunch and soon I will head to the stadium. We need to win against the new german champion! Where are you watching the game? Why don’t you post me some pictures from where you are watching on my facebook page!?


2. Mai 2011 19:50

Happy Birthday Tim Borowski!!

30. April 2011 20:28

Happy Birthday coach Thomas Schaaf. Too bad the team was not able to give him a present last night.

24. April 2011 16:12

Happy Easter and thank you very much for the 2000 on facebook!

19. April 2011 05:34

Happy Birthday Marko Arnautović and good luck for the game on Saturday!

18. April 2011 20:31

Happy Birthday Łukasz Fabiański and get well my friend!

17. April 2011 18:32

Nice game day this weekend. I was watching my team in Bremen. To bad we where not able to win. What do you think was the best goal of the weekend?

9. April 2011 14:45

Too bad that we didn’t win the game last night. Hopefully next week we will win. What do you think about the great saves of Tim Wiese last night?

Matchcenter @

2. April 2011 10:52

Great weather in Bremen. Hopefully the game today will be just as great! A great weekend to everyone!

29. März 2011 06:12

Good morning, tonight POLSKA is playing Greece. Good luck to my team mates! Are you going to watch the match or are you going to watch another game? Which one will it be?

26. März 2011 08:35

Kreiszeitung: Boenisch denkt wieder positiv

21. März 2011 08:11

Hi there, the Polish national team is meeting up for the games against Lithuania and Greece. To show support to my mates my website “wears its Polish jersey” now: &

20. März 2011 10:46

Since yesterday you are over 1000 who like my facebook-page! That’s awesome!


19. März 2011 18:25

That was a great victory! These 3 points are really important and I’m happy for Sandro that he scored again. Great game by my boys!! What do you think?

18. März 2011 07:39

BILD-Besuch in der Reha: Boenisch, sein Glaube gibt ihm Kraft

17. März 2011 13:58

Hi there, I am heading for lunch. The rehab started off good and I am working hard. Once again, thank you so much for all your support!


15. März 2011 10:29

Happy Birthday Felix Wiedwald!

13. März 2011 13:00

Today it’s Marko Marin’s birthday! Enjoy it and all the best!

12. März 2011 14:10

A happy birthday to Felix Kroos and boys go for the 3 points tonight…

10. März 2011 17:57

Hi everyone, it is true that I had surgery yesterday. Too bad but it was necessary. Everything went well and I hope to be back on pitch in a couple of month. I will work hard for it! I really appreciate all your great posts it helps a lot. Keep it up!

6. März 2011 22:44

Today was a great day! My team won the game in Freiburg and my new website has been launched. Take a look. Do you like it???

3. März 2011 07:28

Good morning, before I’m heading to the rehab I would like to post a „Happy Birthday“ to my teammates Philipp Bargfrede and Predrag Stevanovic!

27. Februar 2011 20:35

Very Good!!!!

26. Februar 2011 19:58

Dear Fans, I decided to write my posts in English from now on. So many of you are from all over the world and I hope this way everybody is able to follow me better. A great night to everyone and by the way, how do you like my new profile picture?